Lisette Loves: Cult Of Individuality Railroad Jeans 723-141A-Composite.jpg

One of the best things about being a “denimologist” is that I always have a good excuse to be on the hunt for some denim that is different – a denim that stands head and shoulders above all the other denim. So, I was checking out what was new with Cult of Individuality and guess what? Yeah, I did find an amazing pair of different jeans – The Railroad Jeans – and guess some more, they have them for men and for women!

I don’t know how the men’s fit, but I tried on the women’s and the only reason I did not walk out of the showroom with them was that they were not my size. But Ron Poisson, creator and designer of Cult of Individuality, sent me a pair and since then I am railroad addicted. First off, the wash is amazing. Ron had the great idea to turn the material inside out, which gives them a worn and faded look right off the bat. With strategically added rips and stains, these jeans look as if you had been wearing them forever. Another plus is that they only have 1% stretch, which makes them get a bit loose after you have worn them for a day or so. This only adds to the “I live in these jeans” look. Just the way I love it. And, hey, because of that limited stretch, there’s no way they get baggy even after days of use.

This said, thank you Ron for creating an amazingly different pair of jeans for us denim addicts. 🙂

Lisette Loves: Cult Of Individuality Railroad Jeans image008-009-Composite.jpg
Lisette Loves: Cult Of Individuality Railroad Jeans 624-237G-(2)-Composite.jpg
{note: these are the men’s}