Olivia Palermo in Sass & Bide Jeans at-the-after-party-for-the-hbo-with-the-cinema-society-new-york-premiere-of-hbo-s-girls-april-4-2012-pic83944.jpg

How exciting! I have been hanging on to this top image of Ms. Palermo for sometime. I was going to use the image in a piece to show how to perfectly wear cuffed skinny crop jeans. Never mind that now though! We have an ID!

Olivia Palermo attends the New York premiere of HBO’s ‘Girls’ at the School of Visual Arts Theater last month in New York City looking effortlessly elegant in her Sass & Bide Hulsey Crop Jeans.

Olivia Palermo in Sass & Bide Jeans olivia palermo_hulsey jeans3.jpg