Superdry S/S12 Women's Lookbook  Superdry-SS12-08.jpg

Yesterday I was invited to the Superdry press preview which took place in their brand new store on Times Square. This store opened today and it’s – how best to describe it… – a mini department store?! Like “only” 14,000 square feet and 3 floors?!

Anyway, I always thought that Superdry was a Japanese brand, but they are NOT! They are a British brand that combines British tailoring and vintage Americana style with hand-drawn Japanese-inspired graphics. Their tees and sweatshirts are almost all named with Japanese and English words. That’s what I call global!

As for their jeans, they do have an array of colored jeans, and the ones the I love most in this collection are the red ones above, which are not really uniformly red, but do have some black details in their wash, quite interesting. Also, they have these boyfriend style jeans, which I am absolutely a fan of. Their denim is super(dry)soft and their colored jeans have lots of stretch, so comfort is guaranteed.

Superdry S/S12 Women's Lookbook  Superdry-SS12-06.jpg

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