Surface To Air S/S 2012 Women's Lookbook SurfaceToAir-SS12-04.jpg

The first time I noticed French brand Surface to Air was about 3 years ago while I was shopping at Barney’s. They had a pair of the palest blue jeans there which caught my attention because it was neither stonewashed nor treated nor anything, just a clean light blue pair of jeans, absolutely denim and not twill.

The second time I saw them was on a brilliant Sunday in Le Marais, a very hip Parisian quartier. They seem to continue with their amazing light colored denim line, clean, well cut and couture-like, as you’d expect of a real French brand.

The overalls above are a simply incredible shade of blue, somewhere between light and royal blue, I would call this hue steel blue. And the way the overall is neither baggy – as overalls always seem to be – nor tight, but just right fitting and a bit loose only on top – as I said before, is French flair. 🙂

I also want to point out the regular skinny jeans which come with different shade patches, très diffĂ©rent, but the price tag…..OH-la-la, $255?!

Surface To Air S/S 2012 Women's Lookbook SurfaceToAir-SS12-02.jpg
Surface To Air S/S 2012 Women's Lookbook SurfaceToAir-SS12-24-31-28-Composite.jpg

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  1. We are loving Surface to Air's new Spring/Summer 2012 line, especially the contemporary paneled jodhpurs in tonal blues.

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