ADenim Created The Roof Destroyed Denim ADenim_AlexBIII_front_130x180.jpg

I am totally fascinated and impressed when brands come up with new ideas for treating their denim. I was with Levi’s waterless and now I am awed by this brilliant experiment of a roof-destroyed wash. Albeit, a bit skeptical – just how feasible is this? How can you do this in mass production? I am looking at the New York rooftops and will they all be covered in raw denim? I don’t think so! LOL. So, most likely, as efficient as the Germans are known to be all over the world, I am sure they will find a way to re-invent and create the same effect without having to hang up the denim on rooftops! Am I right, ADenim?

The Spring/Summer 2013 collection features the first ever jeans with roof-destroyed wash. The texture resembles that of a pair of denims which lay on the flat roof of ADenim’s company premises for more than one year. Originally, when jeans were still worker pants, they had to stand up to a lot. Gold miners, cowboys, farmers and laborers valued these pants for their durability, even though they were by no means indestructible – the treatment they were subjected to always left traces. “Roof-destroyed denims” build directly on this past and became the subject of an experiment in December 2010. The experiment used raw denims which spent all four seasons outside and were exposed to wind and all kinds of weather. The sun bleached the denims and rain washed out the indigo over a period of months. That year, the pants had to survive a long, hard winter with lots of snow and violent storms. The surface on which they were placed, a flat graveled roof, also left its mark: spots of green moss. After more than 14 months, the makers of ADenim brought the jeans back inside and used the best of them as a model to make “roof-destroyed denim”. One model with this name has now become the successor to the original worker pants. “We wanted to see how our jeans behave in extreme conditions, how the color and fabric changes,” explains Marco Lanowy, Managing Director of ADenim.

ADenim Created The Roof Destroyed Denim ADenim_AlexBIII_back_130x180.jpg
ADenim Created The Roof Destroyed Denim ADenim_AlexBIII_detail1_130x180.jpg
ADenim Created The Roof Destroyed Denim ADenim_AlexBIII_detail2_130x180.jpg


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