Denim Outfit Of The Month (May 2012) 1asd.jpg——- SongOfStyle ——-

Here are the Denim Outfits Of The Month as voted by you and featuring some of our favourite style blogs SongOfStyle, JelizaRose and FashionVibe. Please let us know which of these outfits is your favourite by registering your vote at the bottom of this post. This contest is sponsored by one of the leading online retailers of premium denim The Winner of this vote will go forward to be entered into the Denim Outfit Of The Year 2012.

Denim Outfit Of The Month (May 2012) 40_resize.JPG——- JelizaRose ——-
Denim Outfit Of The Month (May 2012) uterque chaqueta, bolso balenciaga, zapatos uterque.jpg——- FashionVibe ——-


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