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Pretty excited about this project! Earnest Sewn sent us a couple pairs of jeans to rock EVERYDAY for 30 days!

The Creative Director of Earnest Sewn, Benjamin Talley Smith, came up with an idea to work with a few different fashion blogs for a project that will last for a month. Earnest Sewn gifted us a pair of jeans to customize and wear every day for a 30 day period. We wear the jeans for 30 days straight (without washing them! Eek!) and document the way they begin to change on the website (with pictures and/or a written post).

What do we expect to see? By not washing the denim, a natural whiskering affect will begin to take place and a unique wash will be created.

At the end of the 30 days, Benjamin Talley Smith will choose a winner (i.e. the style he likes most) from the participating bloggers and re-create that jean for the next season! He will name a wash after the winner that will be sold in Earnest Sewn stores and on the Earnest Sewn website!

For our men’s jeans, I selected the coolest guy I know to rock these babies for a month straight — my first born child, Jason. He also coincidentally wears only ONE pair of jeans until they fall to pieces. He was mos’ def’ the man for the job.

– Today we are showing you Jason’s jeans before their customization.
– Tomorrow, you will see my jeans pre-customization.
– Monday you will see Jason’s and my customized jeans!

Jason’s first impression:

“Already a good break after one wear. Future honeycombs will be brilliant.”

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Denimology x Earnest Sewn Denim Challenge IMG_2808.jpg

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