Dr Denim S/S 2012 Men's Lookbook RasmusSlott_0054 copy.jpg

Remember, Dr Denim‘s S/S 2012 collection is called “Dissertation on Hysteria”. Well, while I was not seeing any hysterical women in their lookbook, here, with the guys, you can clearly see some hysterical dude throwing books on the floor and talking to a shrink, beautifully clad in black bermuda shorts… and then they say women are hysterical??? I mean, let’s face it, “hysteria” comes from the Greek word for uterus! Yeah right!

I am loving Dr Denim, finally someone who sees the truth!! Hysterical or not, this dude here is really wearing very nice jeans, in predominately light washes and worn with loafers and socks. The only thing that bothers me is the bermuda short/socks/shoes combination. Not too crazy about this styling. This is almost as bad as wearing sandals and socks, please do not wear, guys.

Dr Denim S/S 2012 Men's Lookbook RasmusSlott_0244 copy.jpg
Dr Denim S/S 2012 Men's Lookbook RasmusSlott_0427 copy.jpg

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