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Hello to all our beloved readers out there! I hope that everyone is doing well, seeing as summer is almost officially here! YAY to beach weather in Florida!

Today, I am reviewing Genetic The Fever in Dark Alley. I actually ordered this pair of denim on sample sale site, Hautelook, for $69!

First wearing them, I noticed the length was perfect to my height! I’m about 5’6 and ordered a size 26. The pants fell right across the top of my shoes, leaving a leggy and lean appeal to a shapely designed denim pant. While wearing them, they did tend to slip downward slightly, but ever so. I’m thinking that this particular style may run a tad large. However, certainly not enough to deter me from wearing them again or regret my purchase.

The Fever is 98% cotton, 2% elastin and made in Vietnam. Care directions are to wash in cold water, wash inside out and tumble dry low. Do not bleach. I did wash these jeans and found out that they really don’t shrink, so buy accordingly!

Thank you to VMAC Photography for taking the time to shoot my beautiful photos!

Signing off… until next review! xo

Erica Style - Genetic Fever Flare Jeans VMC_8000.jpg

Erica Style - Genetic Fever Flare Jeans VMC_7991.jpg

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