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HUDSON Heritage Collection – Preview

HUDSON Heritage Collection – Preview
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I love vintage denim and vintage motorcycles. So when I came across this preview for Hudson‘s heritage collection, I felt doubly rewarded. Marlon Brando on his motorcycle used to be my idol since forever, as much as James Dean, and this is probably one of the reasons why I have such a big love for denim. The only setback is that you can create (or re-create) the jeans, the motorcycles and leather jackets, but you cannot – ever – recreate that feeling associated with those wild times. So let’s just content ourselves with what we can have! But please, Hudson, do make some of these marvelous jeans and jackets for us women, as well!

Hudson Heritage collection originated from a love of vintage denim and a desire to create a special men’s collection of incredibly detailed, handcrafted pieces. Each garment starts out as a blank canvas, made of high quality fabric and hardware, with special edition embroidered trim. It then goes through an intense process in which the buttons and rivets achieve a well-worn patina, and the wash and finish are applied with painstaking detail, mimicking the effect of many years of wear. Every piece is truly one-of-a-kind, and part of a numbered limited production.

Hudson Heritage is a season-less statement, celebrating the unique life of denim throughout American history. No matter your style, HUDSON Heritage can complement your entire wardrobe. Because denim is so classic, it can be worn with more trendy items without looking out-dated.

The collection, yet to be released, will only be available in a limited quantity. Check out the first pair available for purchase here.

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HUDSON Heritage Collection - Preview heritage 1a.jpg