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Hey denim lovers! Over the weekend I had the opportunity to review a pair of jeans from a brand I’ve never tried before. They are the AG Stilt Roll-Up Jeans in 19 Years Mend. Not sure why, but AG has always been a brand that has sort of flown beneath the radar for me. These jeans, however, have changed my mind.

What I instantly loved about these jeans is that they were “cigarette” style. Maybe it’s my love for Kate Moss and Audrey Hepburn that has me mildly obsessed with the retro-chic look, but I can’t get enough! I’m a girl that loves a skinny jean that’s cropped or hits right at the ankle. These jeans are great because they almost resemble a boyfriend jean with the rolled ankles and distressed look, but they fit more like a skinny jean – so really it’s the best of both worlds!

AG claims that these jeans are “handcrafted to replicate a true vintage” look and “no two pairs of jeans are alike.” I really don’t know how “vintage” the wash or look is of the jean, but it is slightly distressed which is something I’m quite fond of. Perhaps a little more fading down the leg would have given these jeans a more “vintage” look?

As far as the fit and feel goes, they are 98% cotton and 2% PU. Not stretchy, but not constricting either. I think they felt quite comfortable, and although I didn’t wear them the entire day, I could see them holding their fit/shape and not sagging out. I felt that they hugged my every curve, but didn’t give the appearance of a pair of jeans that fit too tightly. The front rise is 8″ and the back is 12.75″. I think those measurements are perfect for a style such as this. The 33″ inseam was spot-on for my 5’10 self.

Overall I can see these jeans being a fave for many, and I can also see them looking great from season to season. I wore some flatforms by Ash and a vintage sleeveless button-down, but I can easily see myself pairing these jeans with some chic heels and a tee & blazer. Maybe even a statement necklace to add some flare for the evening! On the downside, these jeans will run you $235, but if you consider the versatility then they are worth every penny.

The AG Stilt Roll-Up Jeans in 19 Years Mend reviewed here are available online from

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