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Levi’s® never cease to surprise me (pleasantly, I point out). This time, they are about to launch an auction on eBay with the profits going towards some worthwhile employee benefits. Check this out:

– Levi Strauss & Co.’s Red Tab Foundation is hosting an exciting auction on eBay to raise money for its important programs and services. The Red Tab Foundation is a nonprofit organization that assists Levi Strauss & Co. employees and retirees who are unable to pay for life’s basic necessities due to unexpected financial emergencies. With the help of generous bidders, the Red Tab Foundation hopes to raise $50,000 for the cause.

The eBay auction will feature nearly 150 special, one-of-a-kind and limited edition Levi’s® products and memorabilia. Some items include:

– Extremely rare 1920s buckle-back Levi’s® jeans, valued between $6,000 – $8,000

– Classic Levi’s® 501® jeans and trucker jacket signed by the world-famous Rolling Stones during their 1995 Voodoo Lounge Tour

– Levi’s® trucker jacket signed by the entire cast of the musical dramedy “Glee,” which was featured during the 2009 season

– Gold-embellished pair of 501® men’s jeans designed for 1984 Olympics gold medal winners

-Original silk-screened posters created by acclaimed street artist Shepard Fairey for Levi’s®

I will most definitely follow this auction and I only wish that I could be able to see these amazing clothes personally.

BTW: I think that if I had these rare buckle-back jeans from 1920, I would never ever have the courage to actually wear them – no, not because of the money, but because of what these jeans would really signify for me and every single denim head in this world!

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{these are the 1920s buckle-back Levi’s® jeans}

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