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I really love my old and beaten up Levi’s jackets. But when I received M2f’s denim jacket, I decided to give it a try anyway. I think I was attracted to it at first by the amazing color. It was a bright yellow, which was shocking for me because I never do any colors but the very basic greys, blacks, blues and whites. But, sometimes you just gotta say, WTF, let’s not be so predictable all the time. Let’s go for something really against the grain, right!?

Once I put it on, I discovered another reason to love it. This jacket hits right at the hips which is really impossible to find these days. ALL women’s denim jackets are cropped and stop way above my waist. I really hate that. When I wear that kind of cropped jacket and I am in an air conditioned bus, OMG, my waist and hips are freezing! 🙁 So, I usually end up buying a Levi’s men’s jacket because even the Levi’s women’s jackets are much too short.

Then, after I wore it a bit, I found yet another reason to adore it. It has a lot of STRETCH (it’s 98%cotton and 2% Spandex). It actually moves WITH me and not AGAINST me! I don’t feel restricted in my movements and I don’t have to go through major contortions to get my backpack on. This jacket absolutely stays in place! Most other denim jackets have little or no stretch which makes them maybe look cool, okay, but then they also restrict your motion. Just try to hang on the straps in the subway or pick up groceries from the upper shelf. M2f makes it feel more like you’re wearing a hoodie than a denim jacket.

And last, but not least, it’s those colors and the washed and destroyed look. They are so amazing – yellow, orange, purple, red, green, pink and brown. And not only does M2f do jeans and jackets in these colors, but they do vests as well!

I have just added a new staple to my wardrobe. Thanks, M2f for making my day!

Available at Singer22, ASOS and Boutique To You and online at M2f

Lisette Loves: M2f Denim Jacket  0D7C4711 (2).jpg

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