Rose McGowan in Rag & Bone Jeans gallery_enlarged-white-pants-rose-mcgowan-04.jpg

Rose McGowan gives a photog her best sex me look as she departs the Byron & Tracey Salon in Beverly Hills. The actress wears a neon shirt with (questionable) matching lipstick, a pair of Isabel Marant Perkins Wedge Sneakers and Rag & Bone/jean The Skinny Jeans in Bright White.

Is it horrible of me to say that Rose reminds me of Rue McClanahan aka Blanche Devereaux (RIP) from Golden Girls? She looks real minxy… she’s too sexy too sexy for that sidewalk.

Rose McGowan in Rag & Bone Jeans gallery_enlarged-white-pants-rose-mcgowan-02.jpg

Rose McGowan in Rag & Bone Jeans gallery_enlarged-white-pants-rose-mcgowan-03.jpg