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Swedish brand Dr Denim calls this F/W 2012 collection “Devolution”. And as we have come to know and even appreciate their philosophical and/or psychological approaches within their collections, there is a good explanation of why “Devolution”:

“Dr Denim is captivated by the idea of going back. That is the only thing that makes sense. The past is now the future. We are breaking mainstream society and pursuing a new lifestyle in the wild. For this season we break rules. We love and dream of a simple, frugal and purposeful living. That is what devolution is all about. The devolution movement began as an urban culture. Its main purpose was to resurrect what is important in life: love, passion, dreams and denim. It was also a way to reject many values of mainstream culture. The movement was based around the idea of living a self-sufficient life close to nature. For many of the Devolutioners it became a spiritual practice, giving meaning to the daily life. For this season Dr. Denim goes back in many ways. Not only is the concept visualized in the picture but also the brochure is meant to be read backwards. As a wink to going back.”

So kids, now you can go out and shop or go to the beach. You’ve had your philosophy lesson for today. Class dismissed!

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