GAP F/W 2012 Women's Lookbook GAP-FW12-W-01.jpg

I believe that GAP is probably the best choice if you want to buy very reasonably priced jeans that are good quality as well. I have worn GAP jeans since I don’t even remember how long and never ever had any problems. In addition to their staples of skinnies and straights, for this coming season I see quite a lot of boyfriend jeans in washes ranging from destructed to dark indigo blue. A very good option if you want to wear tights underneath your jeans when it’s really cold out there – but please, let’s still enjoy our summer and not dwell too much on what is definitely to come in a few months. 🙁

One more thing that I want to point out is that GAP is one of the few brands that offer us jeans in different lengths, as well as in petite and tall. This has been a life saver for me, as I hate hemming my jeans. I wish more brands would adapt this concept.

GAP F/W 2012 Women's Lookbook GAP-FW12-W-06.jpg
GAP F/W 2012 Women's Lookbook GAP-FW12-W-02.jpg

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