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Introducing: Versuchskind

Introducing: Versuchskind
Introducing: Versuchskind VERSUCHSKIND CAMPAIGN (4).jpg

VERSUCHSKIND BERLIN is a premium-menswear denim brand from the designers Tanja Kim Kupke and Thomas Hintz.

The objective is to create “genuine jeans” with an highly fashionable esthetic zeitgeist.
The brand-logo VERSUCHSKIND (Engl. experimental child) is a work of the internationally successful sculptor and artist Matthias Hintz. The picture shows a child’s head (see last image below), from which an antenna is growing. This symbolizes the enormous interest of the child for everything. The child as such is still unbiased and has a pure view of things. Thus, it is able to think “new.” The artwork„ VERSUCHSKIND”, consists of several dyes and wax levels. All colours of the collection are directly inspired from the artwork: white, gray, blue, black blue, in different shades.

I like that – we have had philosophical jeans, psychological jeans and now we have art jeans. Is this a European approach to selling denim right now? I mean, it’s surely not mere coincidence that I am posting academic jeans for college graduates? One thing is for sure, these posts are quite interesting to read, and not ONLY because of the denim!

Introducing: Versuchskind VERSUCHSKIND CAMPAIGN (2).jpg
Introducing: Versuchskind VERSUCHSKIND LOOKBOOK (2).jpg
Introducing: Versuchskind VERSUCHSKIND CAMPAIGN (3).JPG

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Introducing: Versuchskind VERSUCHSKIND ARTWORK Kopie.jpg


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