Kristen Stewart in Siwy Denim Shorts 2012_Kristen-Stewart-in-shorts-leaving-a-house-in-Los-Angeles4_fadedyouthblog.jpg

It’s no secret I love Siwy Denim Shorts so imagine my elation to see Kristen Stewart wearing the exact pair of Siwy Denim Shorts I just bought from Hautelook!

Kristen Stewart was spotted leaving a house in Los Angeles. The 22-year-old starlet showed off her stems in a pair of Siwy Camilla Cut-Off Jean Shorts in Surrender and a tied up t-shirt as she descended from the home to tend to some Twilight promotional duties.

Kristen Stewart in Siwy Denim Shorts 2012_Kristen-Stewart-in-shorts-leaving-a-house-in-Los-Angeles8_fadedyouthblog.jpg

Kristen Stewart in Siwy Denim Shorts 2012_Kristen-Stewart-in-shorts-leaving-a-house-in-Los-Angeles2_fadedyouthblog.jpg


  1.  this was pretty short on her and she is already beautiful. was even more beautiful

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