Mavi F/W 2012 Women's Lookbook MAVI-F12-W-06.jpg

Mavi is one of those brands that have been around since forever….and they have come a long way. No longer a Macy’s brand, they are showing us more sophisticated and better styled jeans than ever before. The way they have paired a simple denim shirt with a girlish chiffon skirt and super high platform boots – there is really nothing cheesy about that, very much to the contrary. The medium destructed straight leg jeans shown below, rolled up and also paired with super stiletto boots, is another proof that their jeans/sneaker/t-shirt brand from former days is definitely GONE!

Mavi F/W 2012 Women's Lookbook MAVI-F12-W-22.jpg
Mavi F/W 2012 Women's Lookbook MAVI-F12-W-11.jpg

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