Turkish brand Mavi has come up with an “art imitates life” ad campaign. How many times have we not yelped and hysterically screamed after a frustrating hunt for THE pair of jeans?

MAVI: “I’ve found my jeans!” It’s impossible to guess how many times this sentence has been said around the world. We are talking about the sense of relaxation that comes with the realization of putting on a pair of jeans and feeling complete satisfaction that your denim hunt is finally over.

Photographer Sebastian Faena and style director Nicola Formichetti joined forces to capture that moment visually at New York’s Industria Studios. They got their hands on Mavi denim and the world-renowned models Camille Rowe and Jon Kortajarena. Shay Ashual did the hairstyling and the Japanese magician Maki did the make-up. Just focusing on denim, this dream team of the fashion world revealed in the images a hidden face of Mavi: ‘I’ve found my jeans!”

Mavi's Ad Campaign:  "I've Found My Jeans!" MAVI-H482_SFA_Shot_09_072_RGB_0503[1].jpg