Paige Fall 2012 Lookbook Paige Paisley-F12-11.jpg

Always right on trend, PAIGE gives us the Paisley collection for this fall, a beautiful pattern where Paige took the botanical motifs from spring and blended them with geometric shapes. You can see the green ones below, and they also come in blue, burgundy and gold.

As for the guys, Paige has added some beautiful earth tones to her pretty standard collection of slim and straight style jeans. In this light, it is a very interesting contrast to see some very plain, “suburban” jeans styles paired with the very urban hoodies and plain white tees.

Paige Fall 2012 Lookbook Paige Paisley-F12-01.jpg
Paige Fall 2012 Lookbook Paige Paisley-F12-17.jpg

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