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As I was browsing in Barney’s the other day I saw those most fascinating jeans on the denim floor – apparently hand painted and totally eye catching, The name of the label was EACH x OTHER. When I checked them out, I realized that they have a very unique concept: first off, their clothes are totally unisex. And second, they are not really a brand, but a collaboration of artists of all kind. I love this concept. And, their jeans are definitively fulfilling one of my biggest requests: Gimme different jeans, please!!

They are already selling all over the world, in Japan, Germany, France, Australia and Lebanon. Amazing – you absolutely need to see these jeans, actually, not only their jeans, but all of their clothes!

Let me tell you what this is all about:

“EACH OTHER is a new androgyny collaborative art and fashion brand. A magnetic point where roads cross and people finally meet, people that were always meant for each other. Each Other believes clothes should not be strictly designs “for man” or “for woman” and proposes a unisex wardrobe with a classic masculine direction, an androgynous line that is mirrored and twisted into a women’s collection, referencing the “boyfriend” look. EACH OTHER proposes a timeless, genderless and ageless style; simply unique.

Each Other is a fusion between artists, poets, musicians, filmmakers, fashion designers and gifted craftsmen. Uniting a fashion community inspired by contemporary art, EACH OTHER regularly invites creative talents to participate at each collection to enhance its exclusivity. For the first season, limited edition series of artworks have been interpreted on silk and denim garments. We also produce video art and music on a regular basis”.

WOW, guys, I am IN! Gonna check them out real well and will keep you posted!

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