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I dare say that Benetton is as much a household name as Levi’s. No matter in what part of the world you live – there is always a Benetton store around the corner! Or at least, there used to be. Nowadays – probably due to the the financial crisis all over the world – there are not so many Benettons around anymore. But what I know for sure is that with all their hundreds of enterprises, the Benetton stores are a kind of pet project for Alexander Benetton, son of the original founder, Luciano Benetton. My sister, who lives in Italy, happens to be very good friends with them and she always mentions this fact to me. So I am delighted to see that Benetton is reinforcing their denim department and has come out with a new and hopefully true concept: The Pin Up Jeans. Hopefully, because I still have to check out these jeans and see if they deliver what they promise. You know how I feel about all these slimming and body shaping jeans, right LOL!

Here is what these jeans are about:

“The project focuses on two particular fittings for denim:


– Skinny legs, low waist and super stretch fabric all add-up to a killer fit and ultra comfort

– Carefully designed heart shaped back yoke, engineered darts, double thin twins stitches and perfectly proportioned back pockets give your behind a magic lift and lengthen your legs by a few centimeters.


– A cosmetic Jeans to enhance your shape.

– Slim through the knees, slight vintage flare at the leg openings, higher waist all add-up to style and comfort in perfect balance.

– Only you know that it is the secret slenderizing panel in the front of the jeans and the side zip closure that is holding you in, creating a sexy and sophisticated silhouette.”

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