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I recently had the chance to visit the Lucky Brand HQ in Los Angeles to meet with the members of their team, have a personal fitting and see how jeans are made. It was really an amazing day; I was able to learn so much! I think I would hang out at the Lucky Brand HQ forever if I could; the inside of the building is beautiful! To be honest, I did not know much about Lucky Brand as I have never worn their jeans but after my visit, I have a great understanding of the brand. I really enjoy how their price point is so reasonable for jeans that are made honestly in the USA. I LOVED being able to see the jean patterns being cut out from big pieces of denim and being able to watch someone sew it together. What was most exciting for me was the washhouse. It was so awesome being able to understand how the jeans are treated and distressed to get the character and designs on them! If I had to pick one favorite process I think it would have to be the rivet machine, it was really neat to watch someone riveting the jeans.

During my visit I was able to spend a good amount of time with Nicolas Peyrache, Lucky’s Design Director (shown above). He is easily one of the coolest guys I’ve met and we share a lot of the same views on denim. You can check out the questions I had for Nico below. You’ll also see my review on a pair of their jeans soon.

1) When did you first get into denim and why?
20 years ago, I was working in France and had the opportunity to work for a denim brand based in Marseille. At the time, we were doing our development and production in Italy, and I quickly became passionate about working on denim, wash and fit.

2) With all the denim brands out there, what makes your jeans stand out from the rest?
I think, at Lucky, we pay attention to detail, wash and fabrication. We want to stay true to the brand, and offer the best quality product to our customer, who likes soft fabric and a great fit.

3) Who do you imagine is your typical customer?
My typical customer is a guy who wants great-looking jeans that he can wear to work, out to dinner and on the weekend. He’s willing to spend money on comfortable, high-quality jeans that don’t look too relaxed.

4) Where do you get your inspiration from?
Inspiration comes from trends of course, but also from just at looking at people. I love to walk around the city and observe people, their behavior and how they like to dress.

5) Which style and wash of your jeans are moving the quickest at this moment?
For men, our 361 Vintage Straight is our best-selling fit right now. Usually, our customer likes dark washes that he can wear anywhere, anytime.

6) Are there any essential jeans that everyone should have in their wardrobe?
Every guy should have a pair of relaxed jeans and, of course, some slim jeans. For women: skinny skinny skinny with a short inseam, rolled up to show the ankle.

7) What are you favorite jeans for this summer?
Lucky Brand! The Charlie Capri.

8) What have been your favorite pair of jeans that you’ve owned? Why?
My favorite pair is APC–not just the rinse, but the way they fit, and the way the denim ages.

9) What is the worst trend you’ve seen in denim?
Huge back pockets and ugly embroidery… not my cup of tea!

10) Which person living or dead would you most like to see in a pair of your jeans?
Steve McQueen, without a doubt!

11) As you know, I love the Legend Collection. What sets the Legend Collection apart from the other jeans at Lucky?
Legend is made entirely in Los Angeles, mostly with selvedge denim. The details are very specific to Legend, like unique pocket linings and trims.

12) And finally, what do you predict for denim in future seasons?
The market has been full of novelty, print, color and embroidery for a while. I think we’ll go back to true-blue denim!


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