Desigual Fall/Winter 2012 Lookbook Desigual-F12-W-01.jpg

For the longest time now I have been debating with myself if I like or don’t like Spanish brand Desigual.

On one hand, their jeans seem too shrilly and silly to me, on the other hand, I am always screaming – gimme different kind of jeans – so, yes, Desigual certainly fits in there! They seem to be very popular in Europe and have caught on here in the USA quite a bit. I have tried on a couple of jeans in their Soho store, and I am not very convinced. The denims seems kind of cheesy and somehow neither the skinnies nor the drop-crotch fit right. But all in all, I absolutely think that if you are in the mood for some funny and distracting denim, then Desigual certainly is a good brand for you.

Desigual Fall/Winter 2012 Lookbook Desigual-F12-W-06.jpg
Desigual Fall/Winter 2012 Lookbook Desigual-F12-W-05.jpg

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