Diesel Underdenim Diesel-Shot_46_0298_FINAL.jpg

I found this in my mailbox first thing when I woke up. What a rad way to start a day! So I asked the Diesel peeps if pretty please can I have a pair of these and do they come with the model?! HOO-HAH!

Nah, but I can go to any Diesel store and get them as of now (sans model), so what are you waiting for – JUST GO!

And FYI, yes, I do wear them even though I am NOT a guy, Diesel’s underdenim is just so comfy. No panty lines and no pinching. Hey Diesel, can you make those for us women as well? Please?!

Diesel Underdenim Diesel-Shot_45_0235_FINAL.jpg
Diesel Underdenim Diesel-Shot_46_0350_FINAL.jpg