Earnest Sewn F/W 2012 Women's Lookbook EarnestSewn-AW12-11.jpg

One’s first reaction upon seeing the Earnest Sewn F/W 12 lookbook is WOW, how this brand has changed and grown!. They have become a fashion brand! From their roots as a pure denim brand doing jeans in all shapes and washes and styles, they have morphed into a fashion brand doing coated, printed, and colored in skinny and jegging styles. I am not here to judge or to say this brand is better or worse than it was when they first started. There is no right and wrong in fashion. But as a denimhead I’m making a plea to all the denim brands out there: please give us back our “old-fashioned” jeans, our plain denim, in as many different washes and styles as you want, but make it DENIM!

But, just to make you understand where Benjamin Talley Smith, creator of Earnest Sewn, is going, here is what he tells us about his collection:

“The Earnest Sewn Fall Women’s line is a bit of a departure from the collections of the past. It was really my first chance to evolve the brand in a more fashion forward direction while still holding true to the solid heritage of the brand. The line was inspired by what I see on a daily basis between New York and LA and how people wear their jeans. There’s a good deal of texture to the line and every piece has a subtle detail. The colors are not just colors and the prints are not just prints. We are achieving prints by novelty dye techniques and laser rather than printed fabric making each jean unique and special. For colors, we coated the front and not the back to add texture and a little flare to the line. My goal with this line is to show an evolution of the Earnest Sewn brand and have it appeal to a more fashion forward consumer.”
Earnest Sewn F/W 2012 Women's Lookbook EarnestSewn-AW12-14.jpg
Earnest Sewn F/W 2012 Women's Lookbook EarnestSewn-AW12-12.jpg

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