Introducing: Koral Jeans KORAL__MG_8079-694-753-501-composite.jpg

I usually balk at posting images without models. But as we are dealing with a brand new line here, I decided to go ahead and do it. But please, brands, do us all a favor and when you shoot your images, just put them on a model. It just looks so much more appealing. 🙂

Koral is the brainchild of David Koral along with his father Peter and partner Rick Crane, who built the premium brand 7 for All Mankind. The brand is making its debut with this women’s denim collection for Fall 2012, featuring its signature “Lived In Length” line and an assortment of fashion pieces including coated and tinted denim as well as a graphic “colorblock” collection. A men’s line will launch for Spring 2013.

I think those green tinted colorblock jeans are very interesting. They are what I always call a real “denim” pair of jeans, but with a slight hint of color. So if you are like me and like your jeans to be just – well, jeans – but you also fancy maybe something a little bit different, then these are going to be the ones for you. 🙂

Introducing: Koral Jeans KORAL__MG_8086-701-491-669-composite.jpg
Introducing: Koral Jeans KORAL-cig8-36-colorblock-composite.jpg
Introducing: Koral Jeans KORAL-skinny2-teal-composite.jpg