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Hello from Los Angeles – you all know that I was invited to check out the J Brand facilities in LA. For now, let me just tell you that it was an awesome experience and I have learned quite a lot about what’s going on inside this mega enterprise. And I will be sharing images and experiences with you here at a later time.

But for now, let me just do this kind of editorial that we all love to read in those celebrity magazines: you all have come across this before – Celebrities are just like you and me, they go food shopping in the supermarket, they tank their own cars, they scoop up their dogs’ poops and and and!

So I was at Barney’s in LA and walking through the denim section and guess who I saw – Jeff Rudes (wearing red J Brand Jeans), Mr. J Brand himself, arranging and re-arranging his very own J Brand jeans that were displayed there.

I promise you this was not a staged performance. Jeff had no idea I was taking pictures of him, he didn’t even know at first that I was there at all!!!

I have to tell you, I was really, really impressed. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, and you would think that Jeff would be relaxing at his pool or playing golf, right!? But no, this man was there, checking out the display of his jeans. And when I got there, he was even helping a customer choose her jeans (She obviously had no idea whom she was talking to. Ha!). After he realized that I was there, he told me that he does this all the time. He goes to all the stores that sell J Brand and checks if everything is displayed as it should be.

Isn’t that amazing? I mean, how many “Big Bosses” do you know of that do this?

So, this experience reinforced me in my believe that Jeff really cares and worries about EVERY SINGLE ASPECT that has to do with his jeans.

More to come, everyone, stay tuned!

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Jeff Rudes Spotted At Barney's LA JBrand-JeffAtBarneys-3.JPG