Kendall Jenner in Rag & Bone Jeans Kylie_and_Kendall_Jenner_do_some_shopping_at_Kitson_in_Beverly_Hills_CA-1-682x1024.jpg

Probably out putting some damage on their Kardashian Kards (OK, not really), Kendall and Kylie Jenner are seen shopping at Kitson in Beverly Hills on Thursday. Both girls were dressed to impress while on their shopping trip, with Kendall fitted in a pair of Rag & Bone/JEAN The Tuxedo Skinny Jeans.

Kendall Jenner in Rag & Bone Jeans Kylie_and_Kendall_Jenner_do_some_shopping_at_Kitson_in_Beverly_Hills_CA-6-702x1024.jpg

Kendall Jenner in Rag & Bone Jeans Kylie_and_Kendall_Jenner_do_some_shopping_at_Kitson_in_Beverly_Hills_CA-682x1024.jpg