Levis x Filson Collaboration LevisXFilson-02.jpg

For the third time now, Levis is doing the Levis x Filson collaboration. Pairing classic Levi’s designs with iconic Filson fabrications, all pieces are individually constructed and produced using the same method Clinton C. Filson used when creating his outerwear over 100 years ago. This collection features the finest and most durable materials that both brands have used in their products since the 19th century, including Filson’s legendary Tin Cloth and Levi’s heavy-duty rigid denim.

This collection debuted August 30th, 2012 in select Levi’s and Filson stores and online at filson.com and levi.com.

Isn’t it amazing that these two oldtimers are coming together to give us the perfect clothes, and the perfect excuse for buying them, for “boating” – I think that you can get much more use out of these clothes than just fishing. I can imagine using them walking in the rain without having to use a cumbersome umbrella, hiking or just because I love to wear them!

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