Lisette Loves: Bleulab Men's Anti-Fit Reversible Jeans Bleulab-IMG_1539.jpg

During “Project” trade show here in NYC, I was browsing and checking out what’s new for this coming fall 2012. Suddenly, I did a double take! Make that a triple take!

Bleulab’s best girl (I mean, she does everything there, PR, sales, design, etc. etc.) was wearing BAGGY jeans? No way! She lives in skinnier than skinny Bleulabs, right? What’s going on?

I took a deep breath to calm down and asked her. Her answer was quite simple:

“I am wearing the men’s anti-fit jeans from our new men’s collection which will launch this coming fall!”

Whoa! I LOOOOOVE! And I so loved the way these jeans looked on her!

So guys, get ready to be reversible now, as well. This amazing collection by Bleulab will hit the stores by the end of September. They will be available in black, gunmetal, steel and sand for $242, which actually is $121, considering that they are really 2 jeans in one! LOL!

What I love about them and what you guys are going to love is: These are actually skinny jeans with a longer crotch. Translate: even if they are skinny skinny, they won’t hinder your movements or stop you from bending your knees because they have room enough around your hips for all this bending. And you will love their really deep front pockets. Something the brands usually don’t do for us women. And this goes for both sides of the jeans. So you can reverse and nobody will even notice that they are inside out, or maybe outside in. Oh, and they will also come in a slim fit.

Now, you guys better hurry and get yours ASAP and hide them from your girlfriends, wives, mothers, sisters. We are all obsessing about them and just waiting to get our hands on them (and our bods in them!).

Bleulab, I am officially declaring a new trend: The reversible boy/girl jeans.

Lisette Loves: Bleulab Men's Anti-Fit Reversible Jeans Bleulab-STEEL_FLAT.jpg
Lisette Loves: Bleulab Men's Anti-Fit Reversible Jeans Bleulab - Cori.jpg
{Cori in Bleulab anti-fit}