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Earlier this month I was lucky (excuse the pun) enough to be offered the chance to visit the Lucky Brand Headquarters in Los Angeles. Being a total denim enthusiast, I simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn a little about what actually goes into making a pair of jeans. Lucky Brand, denim being their major selling point, prides themselves with quality products and attention to detail. Exactly how much detail is what I had the opportunity to see first-hand. I learned about the step by step process behind Lucky’s innovation and personalization in each of their pairs of jeans. The creation of denim is a complicated business, let me tell you, and here is just a little of what I learned that day.

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I have been a fan of denim since about the age of 5, so it was such a privilege to get a tour by Nico Peyrache, the Head of Denim Design (whom I’d rather refer to as the denim expert) on how Lucky Jeans are manufactured. It’s difficult to pinpoint one particular aspect that I found most interesting because he made the entire process sound so fascinating. But when buying denim, one of the first things my eyes gravitate towards is the color. It was interesting to see how much work is done behind the scenes to actually create each wash. The wash process happens at “The Laundry” where they do their magic and create an entire array of life to the jeans. The color, fading, whiskering, patterns, distress, and destroyed holes are all created here, mostly by individual hands, to give each pair of jeans character and soul. And I was particularly surprised to learn that patterns, such as snakeskin or leopard print for example, are individually laser inscribed.

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I was overwhelmed by the amount of work and elaborate detail that went into making each individual pair of jeans. It was a much more systematic and labor intensive process than I ever imagined. But after learning what I did through my tour, I’ve gained a new found appreciation for each pair of Lucky Jeans that I own, knowing that every single pair is cared for and created with a profound amount of detail. Each pair of jeans is placed in the hands of at least 20 different individuals before you see them in stores. Retail is in the detail, and Lucky Brand has taken the meaning of “attention to detail” to a whole new level for me. So if you ever wonder why jeans cost as much as they do, know that each pair you own has been created individually with much TLC.

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Their clothing has such a fun, modern and fresh feeling, as this translates to the entire atmosphere of the company. The headquarters’ atmosphere felt like a place to work, live, and play, which explains Lucky’s motto. I even had the amazing opportunity of getting a personal fitting with Nico and their Head of Technical Services, Colette Bailey, which was also such an eye opening experience. I had so much fun getting their expert opinions and input, as they taught me so much in regards to the proper fit of denim. And their shared passion for denim was extremely infectious. As a serious denim consumer, it’s nice for me to see how much heart and soul is put into creating the end product. I was so impressed with their collection and entire operation. I’m excited to share with you the jeans they picked for me, and to personally show you some of their styles that I fell in love with during my visit. I particularly fancied their Sienna Cigarette Jean (see below) which is a more casual, relaxed jean, as well as their Charlie Skinny Jean, which is a sleek, body-hugging jean that can be easily worn from day to evening. They truly carry styles for every body type and personality.

I’d like to personally thank, Nico, Colette, Melissa and everyone else at Lucky Brand for such a fun and memorable day!

Susan Style - Behind The Scenes At Lucky Brand cig4.jpgMe in my new Lucky Brand Sienna Cigarette Jeans