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Hey Everyone! Today I will be reviewing a pair of Byron Selvage Five Pocket Straight Leg Jeans by Hudson. When I first saw this pair of jeans I fell in love with them. I was trying not to get my hopes up that they would fit perfect when I saw that they were both a straight leg AND a 30 waist which normally results in me drowning in my pants. After putting them on and looking in the mirror, I could not be happier with them. With Summer already upon us, these are the perfect pant for the season.

As I mentioned above, the waist is a 30. Normally in a straight leg I am a 29 or even a 28 however these pants fit perfectly around my hips. I wouldn’t say they run big, I would say they run exactly how they are supposed to. The length is pretty long at 34′ but that is nothing some alterations can’t fix. I really love all the simple details to these jeans. With lighter denim, I think it is key to keep details very subtle as to not take away from the jean itself. The back pockets and the coin pocket are selvedge lined, adding some nice contrast to the jean. The back pockets are kept very simple and even the black leather patch seems to effortlessly blend in. Even if these pants were not selvage denim they would still be awesome, but they are and that makes them almost too good to be true. These pants were made in the USA and I find it really important that when shopping for denim, you select a USA made product, the quality is a lot better.

These pants can basically go for any summer occasion: BBQs, trips to the beach, a night out on the town or even a bonfire! On second thought… maybe don’t wear them to a bon fire; you’ll probably just get them dirty. I’m wearing a bright top with the pants to create some contrast. I really like the pants worn with a pair of red or blue shoes. The fit of the jeans make it easy for you to roll them high, should you be at the beach or just give them a small cuff to show some ankle.

I definitely would recommend you pick up a pair of these jeans for the warmer weather, not only is the fit perfect, but the make of the jean is too.

The Hudson Byron Selvage Five Pocket Straight Leg Jeans reviewed here are available online from

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