Triarchy - High Waisted For Fall 2012 PERU12.jpeg

Family owned Canadian brand Triarchy just launched the most amazing high waisted jeans for this coming Fall 2012. So far, I have not yet been able to find a pair of high waisted jeans that fit me perfectly, there is always the problem of either being too tight at the legs, or, if they fit right, then they gap at the waist. But I am definitely giving these a try. Especially since I am having a torrid love affair with those gold jeans shown above. The amazing thing about them is not only the color, but I love that the wash is kind of – how best to describe it – uneven? Not as if they were just painted all over with gold, but the denim shows through and this gives these jeans such a very special effect. I am absolutely in LOVE! These jeans are DIFFERENT! And you all have figured out by now that I am a sucker for different jeans LOL!!!

I also love this lookbook itself. The Triarchy team went to Peru especially to create this beautiful work. What a refreshing change from seeing the jeans on models in front of a green or grey or whatever wall.

Triarchy - High Waisted For Fall 2012 PERU13.jpeg
Triarchy - High Waisted For Fall 2012 PERU8.jpeg
Triarchy - High Waisted For Fall 2012 PERU5.jpeg
Triarchy - High Waisted For Fall 2012 PERU6.jpeg

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