April77 F/W 2012 Lookbook April 77-AW12-02.jpg

Brice Partouche, son of the owner of denim brand Bonaventure®, created April77 in 2002. The first collections emanated a punk rock universe: Jeans with a plethora of zippers, skinny & slim cuts, and studded motorcycle jackets. It seems that the brand has grown up and I see a much more sedate and well behaved collection here for F/W 2012. Actually, I don’t see much of zippers and punk at all, which is a shame, as these are just SOOO fashionable and popular right now. This collection really holds nothing too special for me and I hope the brand will go back next season to its roots of punk and zippers!

On the other hand, the good news about April77 is that they have incorporated the American selvedge denim that has been made in the USA with original vintage shuttle looms. This narrow selvedge denim has been continuously produced since 1905. And they are doing these for women, as well. Point for April77!!

April77 F/W 2012 Lookbook April 77-AW12-20.jpg

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