Courtshop F/W 12 Women's Lookbook Courtshop-F12-01.jpg

Courtshop jeans have become known for their mainly high waisted styles – a difficult undertaking, if you want to do this right. I have always found high waisted jeans to be lacking and I still do. I have tried many brands, and there is always the same problem: either the jeans fit well on the legs and gap at the waist, or they are too tight on the legs and then I have a huge muffin top where they cinch me at my waist.

When I went to check out Courtshop a while ago in their store on Mulberry street, I talked to one of the owners, Lisa, and she guaranteed me that I would love their fit. Looking at this lookbook, I can almost believe it and I promise to follow up when I have actually tried on and lived for a while in these high waisted babies. Because they certainly are beautiful and cool and edgy. And those blues shown below are just so calling out to me!!! Do you hear them? Lisette? Lisette? LOL

Courtshop F/W 12 Women's Lookbook Courtshop-F12-13.jpg
Courtshop F/W 12 Women's Lookbook Courtshop-F12-14.jpg
Courtshop F/W 12 Women's Lookbook Courtshop-F12-11.jpg
Courtshop F/W 12 Women's Lookbook Courtshop-F12-05.jpg

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