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Introducing: Earugby

Introducing: Earugby
Introducing: Earugby  EARUGBY - Image4.jpg

Earugby‘s slogan is : “Crafted Strictly For A Rugged Lifestyle” and looking at these jeans, I cannot agree more. I just love the way these jeans look so lived in already, as if the models wearing them hadn’t taken them off for weeks on end. Created in 2003 by Euclide Avridor, this brand holds a big future if they keep on delivering what they promise. My point is that Earugby gives us skinnies and slouchies without being too “clean” or boring, blah, like so many dark blue skinnies out there. And this means that they are still sexy and form fitting but because of their special treatment, they look — well, rugged and lived in! Just the way I so want my own jeans to look! But you gotta shell out a few pretty bucks for those, they retail from $215 to $295!

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