Joe’s Jeans is calling its newest ad campaign video “The Heist”. Photographed and directed by Tao Ruspoli in collaboration with Marie Noorbergen, the campaign is a voyeuristic snap into a multifaceted robbery illusion. Arguably one of the most archetypical female fantasies, “The Heist” offers a glimpse into a sulfurous rock n’ roll moment where women spin a fast and impulsive game of diamonds, mirrors and illusions. The campaign features models Alexandra Tomlinson, Sydney Roper and Adam Wallace. Belgian rock band Ghinzu inspires the growing tension with their brilliant track, “Dolly Fisher”, from their album Electronic Jacuzzi.

The jeans worn by these bad girls here are from Joe’s Vintage Reserve collection. This movie actually transmits the vibe of “bad girl jeans” totally and I love that. And you know what’s cool, these jeans will also come in a slouchier and even edgier style this coming winter – you bet I am going to show them to you here ASAP!!