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Today at Coterie my goal was to check out the brands that are not yet so well known. And I did well. There’s a lot of beautiful denim out there – it just made my day. Let me just call your attention particularly to a brand called A.N.D., a California brand that uses only Japanese denim and never uses water. They define their washes as “wears”. You will see like how a pair of jeans will look after you wear them 150 or 250 times, and their jeans are super soft. Actually, I noted that a lot of brands we always used to associate with “skinny jeans”, now carry at least one 100% cotton boyfriend style, like, for example, MiH or Baldwin. I feel that we are all ready again for a change, and boyfriends, albeit still form-defining and not super baggy, are just THE change we need.

More Coterie photo 42 AND 150 wear.JPG
{A.N.D. – 150 wear}
More Coterie photo 41And 250 wear no water.JPG
{A.N.D. 250 wear}
More Coterie photo 04 baldwin boyfriend.JPG
{Baldwin – selvedge boyfriend}
More Coterie photo 73 mih.JPG
More Coterie photo 62 mih.JPG
More Coterie photo 74 mih high waist bf.JPG
{MiH – high waisted boyfriend}
More Coterie photo 61 mih denim and leather.JPG
{MiH – denim and leather jacket}
More Coterie photo 111NSF bf.JPG
{NSF – stained boyfriends}
More Coterie photo 101 NSF stained bfs.JPG
More Coterie photo 102 NSF.JPG
More Coterie photo 103 NSF.JPG
More Coterie photo 104NSF.JPG
More Coterie Textile destructed.JPG
{Textile – destructed}
More Coterie Textile flare.JPG
{Textile – the flares are back}
More Coterie Textile fun.JPG
{Textile – having fun!}
More Coterie Textile zippers.JPG
{Textile – zippers everywhere}

And more to come after the weekend!


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