Q/A With Jamie Haller, Creative Director NSF NSF-proof-7010.jpg

It was one of these rare times in life when you feel that someone out there, whom you have never met and who doesn’t even know you exist, creates a pair of jeans as if I had been whispering in her ear how I want my perfect jeans. That’s what happened between me and Jamie Haller, creative director and designer for NSF. When I first saw NSF jeans. I felt that they were custom made for me. To make a long story short, we started e-mailing and we truly believe that we are soulmates – or at least cut from the same cloth – denim, of course! We both believe strongly that jeans should be jeans, denim, in all shapes, forms and washes. And that’s that. Anything else is just not jeans. Anything else is a pair of pants with stretch/spandex, print, or patterns and takes away the beauty of a REAL pair of jeans. We both believe in simplicity, in making a statement in a – I hate to say this – plain and simple pair of jeans. 100% cotton, no lace, no charm, no nada.

I am very curious about how Jamie came to think like me and decided to ask her straight out:

Q: Jamie, you worked for years at GUESS, which is the exact opposite of what you are doing now. As you yourself said, it was the height of the time of novelty jeans. Please tell us about your experience there!

A: I worked for Guess for only 1 year. Working for big retail driven companies is a lot different than working for small independent labels. You become a design machine, good and bad. It’s extremely fast paced and intense. You become very good at working on 10 things all at once, which in the end, makes you a much better designer. I learned so much about denim and laundry working for Guess so I am very grateful for the experience.


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