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As you all know, I had the chance to hang out at the Lucky Brand HQ in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. While I was there, I had a personal fitting with Nico and team and I walked away with two fits that I really love. I’ll be reviewing a pair of jeans from the Lucky Legend Series.

When I first got to Lucky, I was asked what I wanted in a pair of jeans. I told them what I tell everyone; something slim fit but not too skinny, nothing too loud, subtle details, something Made in the USA. I basically gave them a long list and after listening to what I said, they handed me these jeans: The Dean. This jean has everything I asked for with an added bonus… it’s comfortable. The Dean is from Lucky Brand’s Legend line, which is more premium denim than their regular jeans. Low rise, slim fit and a slightly tapered leg, it provides a really natural slim fit. I love the two-tone stitching through out the jean. These are selvedge denim but it is a blue line selvedge instead of red, which is pretty neat. For a really nice, subtle detail, the coin pocket is selvedge lined. The back pockets feature hidden rivets and Legend specific back pocket detail stitching. I love that the front pocket bags are made with red bandanas.

Lucky Brand really knows their customer, a person who wants to wear their jeans everywhere and be comfortable in them. My Brother-In-Law Bobby, who lives back in New Hampshire, is a huge fan of Lucky Brand for these reasons. Their jeans are very versatile and easily fit for any occasion: casual days at work, hanging with friends or heading to a bar. I didn’t want to over do it with an outfit for these so I through on a 1950’s tee and I think it worked really well together.

The denim is made up of 100% cotton so they will stretch out a little bit. I suggest you buy true to size. Because of the distressing already on the jean, you don’t have to worry about not washing them like raw-rigid denim. Inside out and cold water should do the trick. I still always use a natural/less abrasive soap to wash my jeans no matter what. I suggest Dr. Bronners because you can use it for so many different things and they have awesome scents.

I am really happy to have learned to much about Lucky Brand and to have fallen in love with their jeans. Simple and comfortable, it’s great. If you are looking for that everyday jean, head to a Lucky Brand store and try on a pair. And at such a reasonable price point of $129.00… you can pick up a few pairs without feeling guilty.

The Dean Jeans reviewed here are available from Lucky Brand.

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  1. Well my son you look marvelous, love the jeans and the color T looks great on you!!!

  2. Well my son you look marvelous, love the jeans and the color T looks great on you!!!

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