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What’s the difference between a “fashion” motorcycle jean and the “real McCoy”? Actually, I never even knew or cared very much before Korean brand UglyBros sent me a pair last year. And I can sum up the difference in one word: comfort. The real biker jeans give you some space at the knee so you can bend and the jeans will still stay in place and not slide down your butt. The fashion motorcycle jeans usually only have the stitching and trimmings on the knee and that’s it. Best example are the famous Balmain’s motorcycle jeans – and tell me, for like over $1,500, wouldn’t you rather have a pair that you can actually wear while riding a bike?

UglyBros. motorcycle jeans are manufactured not for the fashion minded, but rather for the “biker-minded” crowd. That they also look cute and adorable, is – let’s say – just a pleasant side effect. A dead right combination: edgy + comfy + absolutely fashionable!

Just for the record: these jeans run really small, so you should up-size at least one size.

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