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As no water is used during the making of the jeans, A.N.D. provides “wears” rather than the traditional “washes”. The line provides three different “wears” – 50 wears, 150 wears and 250 wears. Sean Barron, the founder of the brand notes, “A year ago I started working with the most prestigious denim mills to develop a process that would take the pure raw indigo denim and break it down. Once the fabric has gone through the process we are able to truly create jeans that look and feel as if they have been worn all those times without being washed.”

I am a really big fan of raw and selvedge denim. But, unfortunately, most raw denim jeans are kind of basic, not to say boring, so I am truly delighted to see that A.N.D. (= A New Denim Brand) shows a lot of spunk and does give us really cute jeans. Check out the ankle zippers and the details of the jeans. A.N.D. allows me to wear my beloved raws, with a bit of stretch even AND be fashionably zipped up!!

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