Ay Not Dead S/S 2013 AyNotDead-SS13-01.jpg

Cute and fun Argentinian brand, Ay Not Dead, presented their 2013 Summer Runway Collection at Cordoba, Argentina. A rock & roll street style with Latin American flavor, this collection has brights like red, tangerine and yellow, as well as bronze and copper tones. Snake skin, leopard prints, stripes and polka dots are here to stay and will continue to liven up the denim scene well into next summer.

Ay Not Dead S/S 2013 AyNotDead-SS13-02.jpg
Ay Not Dead S/S 2013 AyNotDead-SS13-03.jpg
Ay Not Dead S/S 2013 AyNotDead-SS13-04.jpg
Ay Not Dead S/S 2013 AyNotDead-SS13-05.jpg

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