Bleulab S/S 2013 Futuristic Lookbook Bleulab-Mercury-SS13-47.jpg

After writing about denim for years now, you probably can imagine that I don’t get impressed so easily anymore, or that there is a lot that I get outrageously excited about! Well, I did! This Bleulab lookbook makes me see all over again why I love fashion so much, and especially jeans and everything you can do with no limits to creativity. If I were giving stars to lookbooks, on a scale of, let’s say 0-5 stars, this S/S 2013 lookbook from Bleulab would get like 10!! And, hey, remember I am not even that big a fan of printed or shimmer jeans. But then, again, I realize when I see a master creation! WOW – it has a totally futuristic feel, especially when you look at those ultra suede mercury coated jeans, skirts and shorts – I had already given you a sneak peek of those in my post about Coterie! Hello, enough said, please enjoy and click on every thumbnail to really get the feel of these marvelous jeans! Carl, you are a genius! (Note:Carl is Bleulab’s creator and creative director).

Bleulab S/S 2013 Futuristic Lookbook Bleulab-SS13-20.jpg
Bleulab S/S 2013 Futuristic Lookbook Bleulab-SS13-06.jpg
Bleulab S/S 2013 Futuristic Lookbook Bleulab-SS13-19.jpg

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