Devergo F/W 2012 Lookbook Devergo-FW12-03.jpg

Originating from Italy, founded in the late 80’s, bought by Hungarian entrepreneur in the 90’s and nowadays styling continues with the original design team from Italy, and management based in Budapest… MULTI CULTI! So are these Italian or Hungarian jeans LOL??? At any rate, Devergo is a lifestyle brand aimed at the college crowd. Their jeans for the guys are mainly on the baggier side, and all of them are made to look worn in and lived in – very heavily sandwashed.

Oh, I know I am only supposed to talk about denim here – but I so need to point out the varsity jacket on the last thumbnail – I have noticed this kind of jacket all over the place and I am betting that this is the new “IT” jacket for this fall! They are just so hard to find in stores here in NYC – Devergo where are you selling in the US?!!?

Devergo F/W 2012 Lookbook Devergo-FW12-04.jpg
Devergo F/W 2012 Lookbook Devergo-FW12-06.jpg
Devergo F/W 2012 Lookbook Devergo-FW12-02.jpg
Devergo F/W 2012 Lookbook Devergo-FW12-08.jpg
Devergo F/W 2012 Lookbook Devergo-FW12-15.jpg
Devergo F/W 2012 Lookbook Devergo-FW12-09.jpg

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