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It’s all about a new denim area at Diesel. We showed you the “Fit your Attitude” ad campaign video here before and here you can check out all the new and improved fits and styles.

The ‘Fit your attitude’ is a full long term concept for Diesel which will be communicated to consumers and combines five different fits with the perfect washes ranging from black and indigo through to the most highly treated in each of the five fit styles.

The five new styles are completely re-designed to flatter the woman’s body and fit her attitude, replacing all other previous Diesel styles, and with a unique wash selection from a company with more than 30 years of experience in denim.

Denim is completely redefined thanks to the Grupee, Getlegg, Bootzee, Flairlegg, and Highkee styles

Grupee: Super-slim-fit jean with a super-skinny leg, it features a higher yoke to flatter the rear female form. .

Getlegg: Slim-fit pair of jeans with skinny legs but wider at the knee and with a higher back, perfect for everyday life.

Bootzee: The perfect bootcut leg on a regular slim fit, with higher back pockets and a regular rise.

Flairlegg: 70’s style 5 pocket with chino style pockets and unfinished hem.

Highkee: Straight leg with high waist and taller back pocket to guarantee a great look on the back, inspired by the fifties era.

All 5 styles have redesigned features, such as:
• Elasticized construction of the belt area, which allows the waist to sit comfortably on the hips without leaving marks.
• Side-seams, which are molded to the body and double stitched to balance the front and back.
• Higher yokes and bigger back pockets, which make your “derrière” look better.

Yeah, the secret of never losing it: always try to get better still. This is Diesel for me, actually, besides the eternal Levi’s, my longest love affair LOL!

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Diesel - Fit Your Attitude Ad Campaign Lookbook Diesel Ad Campaign-Oct-2012-03.jpg

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