Glenn Beck Launches Denim Line: 1791 cn_image.size.glenn-beck-denim-line-1791.png

Election time is the perfect occasion for a new American based denim line, right?

Late last year, Glenn took a look at some of his favorite denim companies and realized they were making their clothes overseas. He was frustrated. How could something so inherent to the spirit and the history of this country NOT be made in the USA anymore? Not content to sit back and complain, Glenn charged the 1791 team with creating a pair of jeans that would be designed and crafted here in America.

It took 1791 a full year to get the jeans right, but now they’re finally ready. The premium 100% cotton ring-spun selvage denim jeans are 100% Made in the USA.

We can’t really be bothered to come up with our own funny quips for this piece about Glenn Beck’s new denim line, 1791, but there are some great one liners on Vanity Fair (here) and Huffington Post (here).

Glenn Beck Launches Denim Line: 1791 o-GLENN-BECK-JEANS-570.jpg