Introducing: Etienne Marcel - Sneak Peek everydayfitBar.jpg

When I was in Paris some 2 years ago, I had discovered the Etienne Marcel store – named for one of Paris’ MANY famous shopping streets, Rue Etienne Marcel! (Sigh!) And I am delighted to be showing here a few adorable images of their collection. Designed by no one other than our great Jimmi Taverniti himself, this collection is going to be hot!

Here is what they say about their brand:

“Our products are made of Italian and Japanese premium denim. Designed by Jimmy Taverniti. Japanese textiles,sewing techniques and finishing details unparalleled.No one can ever come close to what these guys can do with denim.Etienne Marcel is a timeless collection with inspiration from 60s fashion icons Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot,symbols of refined dynamic and modern femininity.Etienne Marcel is for women who love fashion more than trend with an easy concept. Fashion must not become an end in itself. The brand’s objective is to offer all the must have for a timeless wardrobe.”

Introducing: Etienne Marcel - Sneak Peek EtienneMarcelRosebowlmail.jpg
Introducing: Etienne Marcel - Sneak Peek EM_0457.jpg
Introducing: Etienne Marcel - Sneak Peek IMG_7647.jpg
Introducing: Etienne Marcel - Sneak Peek IMG_9183EMmail.jpg


  1. I love jeans Denim Etienne Marcel <3nThey are so comfortable and easy to wear ! nWhat is certain, is when I wear it i am not unnoticed in the street 😉

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